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Curb Side Visits or
Drive By Birthdays
in Calgary & Surrounded Areas

One character curb side visit - $90 for 20 min 

                                                       - $120 for 30 min

Bringing the fun and more.

Social distancing entertainment. 

Parades- Book 3 characters for $220. Offering drive by parades

with happy birthday music, balloons, happy birthday signs,

dancing, pictures and of course a whole lot of honking!

(Characters will also visit with children within social distancing

expectations.) Add on more characters too (extra fee)

(Travel fees apply anywhere outside of Calgary.)


Contact us today to book your

next curb side visit or birthday parade! 

christmas visits.jpg
Although its not your ideal way of celebrating something special, we hope this can bring some happiness and joy to your special day. 

Send a special message, enjoy some Christmas caroling and more. Book your time slot! Visiting all around Calgary and Surrounding Area. Spots are limited!

Time slots are per city Quadrant:

Dec 19, 2020

Calgary NE 11am - 1pm

Calgary SE 1pm - 3pm

Calgary SW 3pm - 5pm

Calgary NW 5pm - 7pm

Dec 20, 2020

Calgary NW 11am - 1pm

Calgary SW 1pm - 3pm

Calgary SE 3pm - 5pm

Calgary NE 5pm - 7pm

Curbside visits are $95.


Add ons available.

Contact us at to book or call 403-616-3652.

Let us know what time slot works for you by the quadrant you are living it. 


Covid -19 has been a difficult time for all of us, especially children.
Many kiddos don't understand why they are not able to do certain things like have a regular birthday party. It’s super sad for all of us at
Mascot Parties. We decided in light of everything happening,
we are offering FREE Personalized Character Videos.

This can be for ANY special message you want heard.

All we ask in return is that you continue supporting small businesses.
Small businesses need your help to thrive, especially right now,
so help us stay strong through social media,
word of mouth and referrals.
Thank you!

Valid until June 1, 2020

Available for Calgary and Surrounding Areas residents only! 

To submit a request to have a FREE personalized video, please head over to our contact us page and fill out the form. We need to know what type of message you are looking for ( birthday, cheer up, graduation etc.), name of the person and a few different choices of characters you would perfer to have film it. Videos are filmed on a weekly basis so the earlier you submit your request, the better. 

In return please support us on social media by following our Instagram and Liking us on Facebook. Below are the links to our social media outlets.

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